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How to find usWho and why do you want to contact us? We have three departments. Bridging loans, which are secured against a property and typically start at £25,000, however, our broker friend can also arrange cheap secured loans. We have marketing and we have our payday loan department.

Telephone numbers are below but first we will give you the pages for our online contact forms.

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Bridging Finance

Need information on bridging finance deals and rates? Then simply use the online enquiry form or call us on 0845 467 9798

Marketing Department

Want to advertise on this website or promote your products or services to people actively seeking fast financing? Call 0203 287 9654

Payday/Cash Loans

Would you like a little bit more information about a door step loan, or a small cash wage day advance? Click here.

To bridge or not to bridge

Welcome to AdMain's easy bridging loans and short term finance website. which is a UK short term bridging loan portal. Specialising in bridging loans for both home owners and for commercial or business use, we can also deal with small loan enquiries, like cash or payday loans under £1500. We are not actual lenders for the unsecured borrowing however there is a network of lenders in place which virtually guarantees you to get a wage day or short loan advance.

We've listed below our contact details for people who wish to find out further about anything to do with anything offered on this website above.

If you require further information about our cheap bridging loans, then the best way forward would be to contact us directly. This is due to the ever changing nature of the industry. However, typically interest rate tend to start as low as 0.75% per month dependent on status or non status as it could be and credit history, combined with the actual land or property used as security.

However, as we stated, the ever changing economy, plus your actual status, the amount you would like to borrow, the equity in the land or property all have an effect on the monthly rate of interest. Please use our online contact form or call us on 0845 467 9798 so we can determine what your terms would be.

We provide instant decisions. The aim of our finance website is to complete within 48 hours. We make it very easy and simple to get short term financing be it as a homeowner, as a business, bridging finance, a conventional secured loan or the unsecured stuff.

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