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We're the FirstStop principal lenders of secured bridging loans.

Welcome to, part of the AdMainFinance Group working with FirstStop Bridging. Minimum loan value is twenty five thousand pounds and a property is required as security. We have designed a simple and efficient portal for UK property investors, businesses, property owners, home owner and even tenants to find and secure, medium and large bridging loans in an instant, all secured against equity in property or land and not on judged on credit history.

We aim to offer you a personal, swift and discreet funding service unrivalled by any other direct principal lender in the UK today. You will be provided with an instant decision, either 'YES' we can lend, or 'no' we cannot based on the initial details you submit.  


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Call us on this number: 0845 467 9798

Bad credit welcomed to apply as long as there is a property or land with or without planning permission to be used as security.

Individual Approach To All Potential Borrowers.

And we don't mean the little people! We completely understand that every applicaton or enquiry for cheap bridging finance is totally and utterly unique. Our decades of experience as an actual lender has taught us to judge each individual application on it's own merits.

Upon your acceptance, we guarantee to complete your quick bridging loan within 48 hours, subject to the relevant documentation being in order and complete. We make it very easy and simple to get fast funding or short term finance.


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Adverse credit, non status, IVA pending or actioned can all apply and be accepted online if there is a property or land to use as security.

Bad credit and non status funding, lending and borrowing.

We are a very specialised lender. We predominantly deal in financing for property professional and investors or business, companies and commercial entities. This means we are one of the unique lenders that are able to offer unregulated bridging finance. Might sound a bit gangsterish, however, there is no need to be alarmed.

It basically means we are not governed by strict banking and lending codes as mainstream lenders. This why we are able to judge each and every application on its own merits and are able to set up a bridge for those who cannot prove their income, but have ample equity in the property they would like to use as security. It is called a non status bridging loan and is very popular.

Also on the same premise, we can, and do, deal with people with an adverse or poor credit history. We do not base our funding on how your borrowing history has been, but if you are able to offer good security along with a business goal. We are experts in bad credit bridging loans.

 Loans less than £1500 Loans more than £1500 

We are the actual lender, not a broker, so when we say yes, as long as your paperwork is correct, we mean yes. That is not even in principle, it is in fact, in fact. We can deal with commercial bridging loans enquiries expertly, as we have, through our staff combined, decades of experience in the high value short term finance borrowing market. Each and every application is dealt with on it's own merits, and without the red tape normally associated with banks and building societies, a prompt decision awaits you, coupled with a fast payout should you decide to use us as your preferred short term finance funding company.

0845 467 9798

As principal lenders, we can advance 100% of your borrowing requirements. We lend against the current value of the property you would like to use as security, not on the purchase price, and we also deal deal with enquiries through mainland UK

We accept the following for a commercial bridge or short term finance:

As long as you have ample equity built up in the house or dwelling you would like to use as security, the chances are that we should be able to lend a fast bridging loan.

Call us now on 0845 467 9798 for a no pressure informal chat about your needs and requirements or use our online enquiry form.

Our short term bridging loans finance can be used for any purpose, including but not exclusive to, buying a property at auction, bridging a property chain break, business or commercial use or even personal or private use. All the service you need and should expect from a bridging finance lenders without the hassle or high pressure sales forced on to you to accept any proposal we make to you. Click the button, complete the form, meet the lender.

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Please be advised that a property or land is required as security on bridging loans over £25,000.00 and it is liable for repossession should you default on the interest repayments or fail to clear the full amount within the specified time frame. Make sure you understand all the terms and conditions.

Short term cash loans

As a company we do not offer small loans, which typically get termed payday, doorstep, cash or wage day loans. However becuase we get many many enquiries about these, we have set up a page where you are able to to apply to as many as four of this types of finance companies to increase your chance of being accepted should you be looking for funding for £1000.00 or less.

Please be advised that with this type of unsecured borrowing you can and generally do pay a lot in interest. You need to to speak to the actual lenders of cash loans to find out what their interest charges are. Make surer you understand the terms and conditions before accepting a payday loan from any company.

Our payday loan buddy.At the end of the day, we are here to help you find the best deal on whatever type of funding you are looking for, be it home owner or bridging finance, funding to use at a property auction, a normal or conventional secured loan when you have been refused by your bank or a short term small cash advance.

So now it's up to you. Click the type of loan you are after, upto £1500.00 for a payday loan, or from £25,000.00 for bridging finance and we will do the rest for you.

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We guarantee that you will be contacted at either a time you specify or almost immediately. The funds could be in your bank account within as little as a few hours for cash loans and within 36 hours for a secured loan.