A guaranteed bridging loan for bad credit

Bridging loans for IVA and declared bankrupts.

We are able to offer funding to those that have entered into, or are about to enter into an Individual Voluntary Agreement (IVA). If you are worried about being entered onto the insolvency register, a bridging loan could clear all your outstanding debts. What's more it could also help swell your bank account if you decide to sell your property after settling all your debts.

We have help many many people in the past stop an IVA from materialising, which can go a long way to repairing your credit rating and making doubley sure that any property or family home doesn't get sold for less than it is worth.

Friendly staff at BRIDGING LOAN VALUE IS £25,000.

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Bad credit welcomed to apply as long as there is a property or land with or without planning permission to be used as security.

We base funding on equity not financial status.

We are a totally independent group of lenders, pooled together so that we can offer finance based solely on equity not on credit reports. we've basically used the crowd sourcing model and applied it to bridging loans. We are not beholdant to any one financial institurte as we are using our own funds to lend to people, and this funds are sat waiting in a bank account right now, just waiting to be lent to people looking to avoid an IVA or bankruptcy.

Receptionist at BRIDGING LOAN VALUE IS £25,000.

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Adverse credit, non status, IVA pending or actioned can all apply and be accepted online if there is a property or land to use as security.

Avoid the insolvency register.

Whilst an Independent Voluntary Agreement may not lead to you losing your home, it does affect you in other ways. You are registered on the insolvency register, which, if you are self employed, or a company directory, can have serious business repercussions.

It also kills your ability to get any type of credit agreement for a minimum of five years, which could actually include a land line or broad band connection should you move home.

These small things are creature comforts that are taken for granted and are sorely missed when declared bankrupt or registered IVA. So by using a bridging loan to clear all your debts, then either selling your property at full market value to pay off the bridge, or by getting a newer more cost effective mortgage, you have avoided all the bad credit issues.

We accept the following for homeowner and business bridging:

  • Individuals and Companies.
  • Bad credit. 
  • CCJ's and Arrears. 
  • Discharged Bankrupts. 
  • IVA's. 
  • Self-Employed (no accounts necessary). 
  • Non Status. 
  • Non UK residents looking to move to the country and get their credit history up and running.

0845 467 9798

As far as security for the advance is concerned, you can use:

  • End or mid terraced
  • Semi detached
  • Detached
  • Townhouses
  • Land with or without planning permission
  • Bungalows
  • Flats or apartments
  • Any type of commercial property

As long as you have ample equity built up in the house or dwelling you would like to use as security, the chances are that we should be able to lend a fast bridging loan.

Call us now on 0845 467 9798 for a no pressure informal chat about your needs and requirements or use our online enquiry form.

Our short term bridging loans finance can be used for any purpose, including but not exclusive to, buying a property at auction, bridging a property chain break, business or commercial use or even personal or private use. All the service you need and should expect from a bridging finance lenders without the hassle or high pressure sales forced on to you to accept any proposal we make to you. Click the button, complete the form, meet the lender.

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Please be advised that a property or land is required as security on bridging loans over £25,000.00 and it is liable for repossession should you default on the interest repayments or fail to clear the full amount within the specified time frame. Make sure you understand all the terms and conditions.