A guaranteed bridging loan for bad credit

Property or land secured business bridging loans

We judge every applicant for short term secured business finance on their own merits and are not governed by strict guidelines like banks or building societies, and have recently accepted such people as restaurant owners, architects, property investors, a vets clinic, hotels,industrial companies and even farms to names a few.

We accept any type of property for business bridging finance including residential properties such as terraced houses, flats or apartment, semi and detached houses, industrial units, retail outlets and service buildings such as pubs, hotels or B&B's. We even accept land with or without planning permission. So if you have tried elsewhere and been rejected, then speak to us at about our easy bridging loans that can be used as a quick business finance remedy to your solution. We offer probably the cheapest interest rates to commercial entities in the UK and we primarily only deal with business finance, in the form of quick bridging loans.


 Apply for a bridging loan 

Alternatively you can call us up with your requirements to see if we can actually get you approved in principle over the telephone.

Telephone number: 0845 467 9798

Lines are open from 08:00am right through until until 6:30pm, however if we are in the office late, we will pick up the phone to speak to people interested in property secured bridging finance.

Secured funding options

The fundamental criteria for our low interest fast bridging finance is that there is ample equity in the property or land that you require to use as security. As long as that is good, and either yourself or your solicitor has the paperwork and sends it over to us quickly, there is no reason why funds shouldn't be cleared in your nominated bank account with 48 hours. That's quick and easy bridging loans being used as cheap business finance.

Please note, a property or land is needed as security and anything used as security is liable for repossession should you default on the interest repayments or fail to clear the full amount with the specified time frame. Only apply online for cheap bridging loans through us if you are supremely confident that you will be able to repay the full amount within the specified time frame or quicker.

Get a bridging loan deal today.We accept the following for a quick loan or short term finance:

  • Individuals and Companies 
  • Bad credit 
  • CCJ's and Arrears 
  • Discharged Bankrupts 
  • IVA's 
  • Self-Employed (no accounts necessary) 
  • Non Status 
  • Non UK residents emigrating here wanting to establish a credit history

Financing for you

So to see if we can help you with secured funding for your company, or in your company name, give us a call today on 0845 467 9798 or use our online enquiry form for a fast , discreet and personal service from one of the leading independent principal lenders in the UK today..

Call us now on 0845 467 9798 for a no pressure informal chat about your needs and requirements or use our online enquiry form.

If you have never used bridging loans before, then call us and speak to us. We will walk and talk you through exactly how things work and ascertain if you can actually borrow, and if you can, how much you could get on one of our short term cheap loan deals, based on what you offer as security.

Everything is under no obligation of taking out financing with us. So call us up on 0845 467 9798 or use our online loan application form.

Other stuff that could be handy

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